Off Campus

Off Campus – Where You Are The Teacher

LTA will…

• Keep a cumulative file of school records for each student.
• Assist you with finding proper curriculum for your
students if needed or can provide it all.
• Act as your institutional umbrella.
• Conduct yearly SAT testing (Stanford Achievement Test).
• Provide extended learning opportunities such as chapel, field
trips and tutoring.
• Issue quarterly report cards from LTA.
• Hold graduation ceremonies for K, 8th, and 12th grades.
• Award scholastic recognition.
• Provide High School Diploma.


Virtual Christian High School
Concerned about peer influence in Public School or even in Christian High School?
Want your youth to pursue an Apprenticeship?
Need Flexibility?

LTA will…

• Corrects, tutors, monitors and assists you with the Virtual School.
• Provides your high-schooler with complete approved, accredited curriculum for their grade, age and ability.
• Keeps a cumulative file of school records.

Tuition Rates

Reasonable Tuition
$1,000 per year, per student
Paid in ten monthly payments,
beginning August 1st through May 1st.

Registration Fee
$100.00 per year
Can be integrated into monthly tuition.

Costs are $9.00 per unit. Most students
have 5-7 subjects with 10 units per subject.
Can be integrated into monthly tuition.

$45.00 (Not mandatory)

Graduation Fee (12th grade only)
$125 for cap, gown, and diploma
with cover